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Visits to Temple Mine & Mineral Panning Sessions.

Temple Mine:

With that pesky virus still hanging around for a limited period we are offering individual family groups the chance to go on a mine tour without other members of the public. Yes, your own personal tour! These do need to be booked in advance either at the Museum or by ‘phoning 01629 583834. Groups can be as small as 2 adults or as large as 10 people. (Minimum charge £13).

Mineral Panning:

We are running mineral panning sessions this summer. Our guide will show you how to pan for minerals and will provide you with a bag to take home anything you find, all for just £3 per person. To ensure social distancing these sessions need to be booked in advance either at the Museum or by ‘phoning 01629 583834 during Museum opening hours. If you go on a mine tour the mineral panning is included.

The Museum:

The Museum is open 11am-3.30pm at the weekend and you do not need to book – just turn up! There is plenty to see and do in the Museum and if you have children with you Temple Mouse and Miner Joe will help them to know what to do. Come in the morning for a quieter visit with fewer people around. Our tunnels and climbing shafts are closed at the moment but, with a ticket that is valid for 12 months, you can visit again once they re-open. Please gift aid your ticket if possible – it costs you nothing but helps bring in extra funds. 

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Learning Activity Packs

Discover Old Matlock Bath with the Petrifying Wells, Charabancs and Trains. You do not need to have visited Matlock Bath to use this pack – it helps children to develop the enquiry skills every historian needs. Download the pack here.

Find out about Animals who live in mines and caves with some spider maths and facts about bats. To download this pack here.

Find out about some Fantastic Fossils including Devil’s Toe-nails, ammonites and dinosaur poo. Learn about Mary Anning who discovered some amazing fossilised creatures and find out how fossils are made. Download the pack here.

For our learning pack on the Miner’s Tools click here.

These are the first two of our children’s learning packs designed for primary-aged children to use at home. Have fun with them and let us know what you think! There are other packs available on our Facebook page which will be placed on the website later.

For our learning pack on Rocks click here.