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A pair of clogs, found in Digger Hole Quarry, Masson Mine, Matlock. (Museum ref: MATMM:A.33)

Wooden miner’s dial, with paper and ink face, brass hinges and closing hooks, marked BD 1813. Used at Millclose Mine, Darley Dale (Museum ref: MATMM:A.634)

Glazed stoneware bottle with cork, with some remaining ale when found in the main shaft at Magpie Mine, Sheldon. (Museum ref: MATMM:A.161)

Felt hat, know locally as a ‘bradder’ or ‘bradda’ hat, worn by lead miners (Museum ref: MATMM:A.587)

Rectangular board with ten rows of ten small holes, which could hold small sticks, to keep a tally, found in Arbor Low Mine, near Youlgreave. (Museum ref: MATMM:A.4)