We are still working away in the background to make the new building at the NSC and our move to it a reality. The planning application should go through in April (keep your fingers crossed for us). We are now setting up some working groups who will drive the project forward. This includes a Funding Group,  a Visitor Experience Group and a Relocation Group with each group made up from some people from PDMHS, some from the NSC and some from IQ. There are also people on those groups who are not directly linked to any of those associations so if you would like to get involved at some point do get in touch with the Museum manager Clare Herbert, there is no need to come to all of the meetings, you can come to the ones which best fit your skills, knowledge or passion. We are looking not just at the Museum but at the new building at the NSC as well as the NSC site as a whole.

The image shows a sunny day with a bright blue sky. In the foreground there is a rock outcrop with a stone tower sculpture on it.